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New York Office

"That video, it has some fantastic cinematography."


"The Art Direction of that scene is awesome! Perhaps, if they would have done it this way, it would have been next-level."


"Teal is good, but how about fiery red accents to that coal-grey pattern?"


From the early years of my consciousness to the thoughts of now, I have always had a keen eye for art and visuals – and the details within. Often, to an extent where I'd questioning myself about this knack of observing even the minute of details, or my friends and family looking at me with quizzical expressions, wondering why I always noticed things that either easily missed their eyes or they didn't find it particularly interesting.

Any visual (still or motion) that piqued my interest, I would derive immense inspiration from it and would want to delve deeper into understanding how and why it came about.


And that is how it all started, choosing to learn CG design techniques right after college meant being one of the first few to ride the wave of digital art as it began to emerge in India during the early 2000s. 


I understood that it meant making an off-beat career choice for the sake of creative satisfaction. And indeed, it has been quite the journey so far. Perhaps, being the creative that I am, it's a never-ending quest for learning new tricks and finding what clicks. Therefore, what people may perceive as a non-linear career path, I am only thankful that I walked it. I had my takeaways from each role, as it prepared me for success in the subsequent roles. Aside from the technical skills, everything that I have learned about people and my craft has got me where I am today.


In hindsight, everything makes sense!

I truly believe in

  • Following your heart. There isn't greater satisfaction than staying true
    to oneself.


  • A Design may be subjective, but there is always common ground.

  • Being highly-skilled is great, but being a good person as well is way better.

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